Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reflection Post

When I truly look back on the beginning of the year in art class, I realize how much I have changed. The class has taught me different ways to look and art and different ways to make art that are not the usual. I have learned that even trash can be made into art and how important some artists have been outside the world of just art. I have learned many different approaches and ways to draw certain things. For example, through the bike and candy jar drawing I learned how to draw in perspectives and make it look 3-D with only the shading of a pencil. I learn how to work with clay and make it into a functional piece. I also learned how to glaze and techniques for glazing in order to bring out its full effect. All in all it was a great year of learning, discovering, and even re-teaching art techniques and other things in the art class.

Time Capsule

The items I put into my box are not extremely sentimental items, but they are items that describe and a reminder of my current self to my future self. My box is filled mainly by sports merchandise or tickets to soccer games and many other sporty things that I could fit in the small box. When deciding what to put in my box, I decided to put in items that I feel my future self would appreciate to be reminded by, it will help me remember some of my good times when I was in high school. This time capsule will mean a lot to me in the future even though the items don't mean much to me right now. It will be the items reminding me of my past self that will make it important to have them in. My box contains my clippings and tickets from things I participated in and things that I did. This way, when I am older I can look back and remember my interests and even compare them to my current interests. I also tried to put in some current events and prices so I can later compare the difference in the many years that I plan to wait before opening and see how far we have come.