Friday, November 15, 2013

Collecting vs Hoarding

Collecting and hoarding can be considered the same thing or completely different. The difference between the two is that collecting is more organized, neat and of one specific category. Where as hoarding is a lot of different objects, messy, and takes up the persons life. Collections can be organized and used in works of art such as what Portia Munson and Karsten Bott do with some of their artwork. Hoarders have no organization and don't do anything with their stuff, making them very different from collecters.

Blue collection

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This collection says a lot about the  time we live in. It shows what people own and have around their house. Some of the objects show peoples personal goals and interests. The poker chip shows someone who has an interest in playing poker and the swim ribbon shows someone who is interested in swimming. These objects indirectley shows want people like to do, take interest in, and it represents the time we live in. Stuff like the iPone case that was brought in shows the technology that we have around and the time frame that we live in.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bicycle Drawing

The bicycle drawing was a difficult drawing where a complex understanding of composition and value had to be shown, along with an exceptional level of precision, technical excellence, and attention to detail. I had to start out with a light sketch of the bike fix problems with it and then start shading to reveal realistic effects of the bike on the paper. I enjoyed trying to overcome the difficulties of drawing a bike with realistic effects such as making it look 3-D and giving the bike the metal the look it should have.

Candy Jar Drawing

The drawing of the candy jar was a complex drawing that took a lot of time and effort to trty to get the effect necessary to make the candy look like it was in the jar. The shading was very difficult but it gave the jar a realistic effect as if the candy was in the jar on the paper. The reflection of light off of the jar was a hard thing to draw but it turned out to work. Thick lines of dark shading and mixing of colors were required which gave the drawing life like effects.

Compare and Contrast

Although these drawings were on completely different topics, the candy jar drawing and the bike drawing had many simalarities.Both of the drawings required good shading in order to reveal the effects that I was hoping for. The bike drawing did differ from the candy jar drawing because the bike drawing used pencils and the candy jar drawing used colored pencils. These two drawings were both difficults in their own ways but they also had similar characteristics needed to make them good