Thursday, March 20, 2014

Story pole story

Being a professional sports player is just about every kids goal. Then the older they get the more they realize that their goal may be unattainable. This is how it is for me with soccer. I grew up watching soccer as well as playing it. I was influenced greatly by my role models who were professional soccer players. They influenced me by having me set my goal on being a professional soccer player. I worked hard on conditioning, strength training, and control. I never stopped training and I continue it to this day. As I grew older I realized the difficulty of reaching my goal but I never gave up. I continue to look up to professional players as role models and continue to train. I always trained every day to get better and better and I continue to train to come closer to my goal. Through teammates and coaches I improve every day, getting closer to my goal. Although playing professional soccer will be hard to get to, it never stopped me and my work ethic to achieve it. 

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  1. You better get off the couch if you wanna play pro:) but good ideals dude, let's get you bulked up. Nice post