Thursday, January 23, 2014

Art Times 3

Art Times 3

This assignment was far from easy but it was also far from boring. No one knew what you would have to work with until you picked it randomly yourself. The best and worst part was getting the artwork from someone else. You had to see what they were working on and get a feeling from it that inspired you to make something out of it. Some of them wouldn't inspire you, but others would a lot. There was no way to tell what would happen to your artwork and you couldn't walk up to the person and tell them what to do. You had to give your artwork up after a short time and start to work on someone elses. The theme was celebrities and everyone had a separate opinion or view. The life experience I got from this is you have to deal with what life gives you. If you are given a bad or good artwork you had to deal with it in your own way in little time.

This is how the piece that I finished turned out. I am happy with the way it depicts celebrities. You can't find a good place to focus. Celebrities have lives that are so chaotic that there is no way to focus on one thing, yet you can focus on everything in layers. 

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